Matrix Coaching

Matrix Coaching

05 May 17:30 - 10 May 22:00 - Cairo
Laurus Training Center

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The World has been pulled down over your eyes to hide us from the truth.” Morpheus, The Matrix
The sci-fi movie hit of 1999, “The Matrix,” described life in the Twenty-Third Century, after the great war between humans and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). The bad news—the Machines won.
Don’t you hate that? So when the movie opens, most humans are imprisoned in egg-like structures where they are harvested for their brain energy. There’s a few who live on the outside, but only a few. They are about the only ones who know “the truth.”

“Neo, the Matrix has you” were the first words on the computer screen that opened the movie, The Matrix. These are also the words that often first wake people up to the fact that they are not as in control of their lives as they think they are. Their Matrix has them. At least right now, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. There are ways to Escape the Matrix and Reload it. Neo was able to do that by taking the red pill, getting training in the Matrix, and then acting in ways so he began believing he was the one who could change the Matrix. That’s what this training is about— enabling you to become the One who can change your Matrix from within.

Benefits from Workshop:

The design is for you to master your Matrix—to take control of your own thinking, feeling, and choosing. Then we will focus on how to identify frames as they are presented when you coach or interact with another person. Via the Matrix Model, you can examine the frames that inform and define you in multiple dimensions:

Your sense of worth, value, and dignity — Self MatrixYour sense of powers, resources, and strengths — Power MatrixYour social self and relational self — Others MatrixYour sense of time and your temporal self — Time MatrixYour sense of the world — World MatrixYour sense of how you create meaning — Meaning MatrixYour sense of direction and purpose in life — Intention MatrixYour sense of emotions, attitudes, moods — State Matrix

Who will benefit from this Training:

Matrix Coaching :
As a system tool, the Matrix Model can guide you as a Coach. From detecting a person’s Matrix, you can follow the energy through the system, you can learn to recognize leverage points for change, coachable moments, and much more.

As a tool it will enable you to facilitate someone to escape from an old limiting or even destructive Matrix and how to set up and re-load an empowering Matrix.Matrix Coaching pulls together the powerful models and tools in NLP and Neuro-Semantics and will take your coaching (consulting, facilitating) skills to a whole new level. This training is not designed to be easy, the skills are rigorous, but they are powerful and liberating. Workshop Outline:

Waking Up to the Matrix

Indicators When the Matrix has youWhat is the Matrix?

Waking up to the Grounding Matrix of State

Texturing Your States

Waking up to the Meaning Matrix

Meaning-makingExploring a Matrix: Positive experienceDetecting a Matrix: Negative experienceOpening up a Belief SystemEscaping the MatrixQuality Control: Matrix Systems Check

Powering up in the Matrix —Power Matrix

Skill DevelopmentWhat are you waiting for?Art of Bending.Owning Your Powers

Being the One — The Self Matrix

Quality Control: Matrix Systems CheckMultiple SelvesSelf-EfficacyDeveloping a Robust Sense of SelfAccepting, Appreciating & Esteeming SelfDeveloping Ego Strength

Getting Intentional – The Intention Matrix

The Matrix of IntentionalityIntentionality

Getting Connected: The Others Matrix

Drawing the Line betweenResponsibility To and ForThe Time Matrix


The Matrix As a SystemVariables of the Human SystemGuidelines in the MatrixChange Processes in the Matrix


Your Certificate will be recognized by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics***

To know more about Neuro-Semantics, you may check our website:


25 Hours of Intense Practice & Training75 page Course Manual in English.Your Certificate approved by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS).Lunch & Coffee Breaks.Ongoing feedback and supportConnecting with world-class Coaches that are attending the event

Regular Fees: 2700 L.E

Early Bird till April 20th : 2200 L.E

Revisit : 600 L.E

For registration; call us : 01011443051

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