Tango classes at Swiss club cairo

Tango classes at Swiss club cairo

11 Apr 19:00 - 20:00 - Cairo
Official Swiss Club Cairo


Who can attend ?
- Absolute Beginners

Dates ?
- wednesdays 7:00-8:00 p:m

Where ?
Villa Pax, 90 El Gihad Street off Sudan Street, Imbaba, Cairo, El-Salam, Tag Ad Dewal, Imbaba, Giza Governorate

-450 L.e / 4 classes/ 1 month
- 800 L.e / 8 classes / 2 month

Registration and Signing up is a must
For Registration please call :
- 01003138630 - 01011324030

About Instructor: Ahmed Amar started his Tango life in 2009 with the support of professional dancer and choreographer Mohamed Mizo and later found inspiration from his partner Dr Claudia Ounis Artist Tanguera.Then he learned from Egyptian greats like Dr Khaled Tawfiq who spread Tango in Alexandria, and from the godfather of Tango in egypt, Ramy William. Amar raised his skills and talent with well known Argentinian Tango dancers as Miguel Zotto, Diana Guspero, German Belaguo & Magdalina Guttierez,Leandro Oliver & Leila Rezk,Lukas Balokas & Georgia ,Damian Rosenthal & Venessa Fatauros.
Amar performed several outstanding shows in the following years at 2010 at Jesuit Culture Center, 2011,2013,2016 at the French Culture Center. 2013,2016 in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Amar was the first to perform a Sufi with tango solo on stage called 'It Doesn't Take Two to Tango' in 2016 at the Creatvity center. Amar is the Co-Owner of Clamar studio for performing arts in Alexandria. His passion and mission is simply to spread Argentinean Tango Culture in Egypt with a focus on body awareness, musicality, enhancing self confidence, respecting women as a co-partner in life, and etiquette.
For further info and registration, feel free to contact us:
Tel: 01003138630 / 01011324030

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