Dental Marketing and Management

Dental Marketing and Management

03 May 10:00 - 05 May 17:00 - Cairo
SPC Training Academy

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Hurry up to join our "Dental Marketing & Management Course" for 3 full days with International Academy of Dentistry certificate authorized from American Dental Association (ADA )

Degree : DBA (B U -USA)
MBA (Graduate School of Business DIM (Diploma of Intl Marketing – Toronto)
DF Demand forecasting (AUC)
Bachelor degree of Oral & Dental Surgery 1986
University : Faculty of Dentistry-Alex. University



• Definitions, concepts & historical foundations
• Types of goals and plans
• SWOT analysis
• Management skills
• Managerial roles
• Hierarchy of needs
• Organizational environment
• Corporate culture
• Management of small businesses and entrepreneurship
• Business plan
• Planning and goal setting
• Mission and vision
• Management by objectives
• Strategic management
• Organizing, Leading & Controlling
• Organizing structure
• Charts
• Authority & responsibility
• Delegation
• Differences between different types of organizational structures
• Teams and team building
• Human resource management
• Leadership and motivation
• Differences between leadership and management
• Change leadership
• Communication
• Control methods, types and philosophies


• Definitions
• Marketing management
• Needs, wants and demands
• Market segmentation
• The four P’ s and its applications
• Pricing strategies
• Advertising and advertising campaigns
• Relationship marketing
• Customer oriented clinics
• Marketing your dental service.

Accounting and Finance

• Basics of accounting
• Interpreting the three main statements and using the ratios to determine the financial status
• Depreciation techniques
• Determining the break even point for new assets
• Financing your new clinic, or extensions, using bank loans or partnership

Quality & Standardization

• The importance of quality in the dental service, and how patients perceive the quality of the dental work
• Closing the quality gaps
• The use of the standardization tools in a dental clinic

Dentist-Patient relationship

• Customer satisfaction and retention
• Dealing with patients, satisfying, retaining and turning them into loyal clients
• Handling Negaholic patients
• Preventative measures for handling the unsatisfied patients

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