The 2nd Pediatric Gut Club

The 2nd Pediatric Gut Club

12 Apr 09:00 - 13 Apr 19:00 - Cairo
Tolip Golden Plaza


Our Dear Professors, Colleagues, Senior/Junior Pediatricians and Pediatric Subspecialties,
It is our honour to invite you to attend The 2nd Pediatric GUT Club.
The Club Board and ISMS Society are pleased to have pediatric consultants and specialists from Egypt, Middle East, Gulf areas and other countries to share this event with us. The club will focus on selected issues in Pediatric Nutrition, Growth, Hepatology and Gastroenterology.

Prof. Hoda Seoud
Professor of Pediatrics
Al-Azhar University Girls

Prof. Nehal EL Koofy
Professor of Pediatrics
Cairo University

Prof. Talal Abdel Aziz Farrag
Professor of Pediatrics
Military Medical Academy

Stay Tuned!

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