NLP Master Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner

21 Apr 09:30 - 28 Apr 18:00 - Cairo
Urban Station EGYPT


So you've completed the first step and you're now a Practitioner wanting to deepen your knowledge and skill set to take things to the next level. The NLP Master Practitioner is for you.

*Prerequisite to this course is to have completed NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach Practitioner.*

During this course you will learn:

-Modelling- What NLP was founded on and how to do it.
-Quantum linguistics- Using skilful language for maximum impact and influence.
-Sleight of Mouth patterns- Cutting Edge Reframes, how to be able to respond to any situation.

-Parts Integration- modification and a step further on technique
-Advanced Sub- modalities
-Advanced Strategies
-Values- Understand what values are, where they come from and how to change them for yourself and others.
-Clare Graves Model of Values- The evolution of the Graves Value model and how to apply it in your work with people when coaching or in daily life.
-NLP Presentation Skills, the secret to impactful presentations and how to capture a room.
-Meta Programs- the programs that manage your inner world
-Full body catalepsy with hypnosis as well as more deepeners and the Elman induction.
-1-1 Breakthrough session.

The certification for this programme is internationally recognised, and upon successful completion you will receive the following certificates:

NLP Master Practitioner Certificate (Accredited by ABNLP)
Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner Certificate (Accredited by ABH)
NLP Master Coach Certificate ( Accredited by ABNLP)

The training will be delivered by Dr. Omar Raafat, who is an ABNLP accredited NLP Trainer.

About the Trainer:

Omar is London born, Egyptian bred and grew up between the UK and Egypt. His success journey began as a dentist in Cairo, Egypt where his interest in surgery developed. This path led him to continue his education and practicing head and neck surgery across multiple hospitals in the UK. He was seeing several patients and that’s where his understanding of chronic pain grew deeper and he became very interested in the interplay of the mind and body. He explored the power of our thoughts and beliefs and the effects they can have on our health and daily lives.

This exploration led him to becoming a master and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) trainer certified by the ABNLP ( American Board of NLP). He found that with it, he could transform people’s lives by equipping them with the tools they needed for positive change.
Merging the worlds of mind and body as one, Omar continues his passion in delivering talks to medical students and practitioners on the effect of the mind on our health and wellbeing.

Currently based in the UK, he coaches people in bringing their dreams into reality and runs his own practice in which he works to empower people all over the world to overcome their limiting beliefs, chronic pains, negative emotions, traumatic memories, fears and habits. He’s inspired people to take charge of their lives, focus on what they want and create the life they’ve always dreamed of.
As a firm believer in NLP he strives to train people to become practitioners and conducts certified trainings and workshops around the world.

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