Facial Massage & Retraining

Facial Massage & Retraining

25 Mar 10:00 - 11:00 - Dahab
Coral Coast Hotel Dahab


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THESE ARE THE MOST NATURAL AND VERY EFFECTIVE METHODS OF FACIAL CARE which make your skin look young and full of life. We offer sessions of deep facial massage and counselling on facial retraining.

What results to expect?
• Healthy and radiant skin
• Wrinkle smoothing
• Better facial symmetry. Healthier mimic movements
• Better outline of the face, higher and more prominent cheekbones

• Reduced or eliminated eye puffiness, restored eye shape
• Restored shape and volume of the lips
• Deep relaxation of the body and mind

These procedures promote general wellbeing; the cosmetic effects could be considered as “side effects” but they are very evident.

You will see some improvement after the first visit but sound results require series of sessions: real structural changes occur gradually in the course of regular practice. Get the first consultation to find you optimal regimen!

These are original techniques developed by Elena Petrushina, reflexologist, specialist in facial massage and neuromuscular retraining, educational psychologist.

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To make an appointment, please, contact us via
+2 0106 388 58 49
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or PM Elena
Please book at least one day before the session!

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