Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation for Development Results

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation for Development Results

28 Apr 10:00 - 29 Apr 16:00 - Giza
Beit Al Karma

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Training Course Overview

A commitment to performance measurement has become essential throughout the nonprofit sector, foundations, government and other nongovernmental organizations in response to demands for increased accountability, pressures for improved quality and customer service, and mandates to “do more with less,”. There is also an emerging drive to strengthen the capacity for results oriented management among professional public and nonprofit administrators.

Demonstrating results achieved is required to be accountable to project’s beneficiaries in one hand and to funding partners on the other. Applying proper project design practices and setting-out a monitoring and evaluation framework are not important only to demonstrate accountability but also to report progress, manage project’s activities, apply for additional funding and to communicate development change more effectively. Furthermore, in order to stand-out of the competition, organizations need not only to build results-oriented culture but to strive towards greater outcome-level changes targeting improved welfare for their project’s beneficiaries.

The training will cover the basics of performance measurement and looks at frameworks to explain how a program is understood to contribute to its intended or observed outcomes, definition of performance indicators and data sources. The course will provide ways into the analysis and reporting of performance information and its incorporation in a number of critical management processes such as project management, stakeholders engagement, strategic planning, proposal writing, and effective communication among others. The course will end up with an open discussion of the challenges and common problems in M&E systems

Learning Outcomes

• Increased understanding of the inter-linkages, dependencies and distinction between planning, monitoring and evaluation
• Increased understanding of what does Results-Based Monitoring entail
• Increased conceptual and logic-modeling capacities in designing development projects
• Learn how to develop a Monitoring & Evaluation Plan.
• Have developed a deeper understanding of the characteristics of effective M&E and M&E systems
• Equipping participants with the practical skills and the confidence needed to deliver the functions of M&E systems more effectively
• Understand the various types of data collection tools and their proper usages

Additional Information

This training course of instruction and practice is delivered over 2-days (12 hours).
Presentations, training course materials and hand-outs are in English.
Trainers are bilingual English / Arabic.

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