Buddho Level 2

Buddho Level 2

27 Apr 09:00 - 17:00 - Giza
Beit Mariam بيت مريم


Without Buddho, there is no Reiki! Just like Reiki 2 expands and brings to life the full power of the Reiki system, Buddho 2 really explodes your practice of Buddho in a powerful way. The Buddho system really comes alive at this level.

This is your chance to go further into the heart of the Reiki experience and learn the originating system that Reiki is a simplified form of. Extend your Chi Nadi practice and learn the origins of two more of the powerful Reiki symbols. Develop your healing abilities with the lightning like qualities of the Buddho method.

At this level you can offer standalone 'Buddho EnerSense' treatments to others - or combine the many new techniques into your regular Reiki treatments.

There are strong links between the Buddho system of healing and the widely known Reiki system. The teachings and practices of Reiki are fundamentally rooted in and are a simplified form of the Buddho EnerSense method, and connect to the Sanskrit/Tibetan origins, mantras, yantras, symbols and meditations that informed the development of the Reiki system.

Whilst Reiki has its origins in many different disciplines, at its core is the Buddho method. The system involves the receiving of energy empowerments to raise the vibrational energy to a higher state and enhance awareness to the subtle energy flow within the body. At this point the student can begin the practice of the three components of the system: sitting meditation, Chi-Nadi moving meditations and healing methods.

Buddho Level 2
Two further cycles are added to the three cycles of meditation from level 1 with further activation of the chakras. The next set of movements within the Chi Nadi exercise are demonstrated and two mantras (sounds) and yantras (geometric visual devices) used in healing and meditation are introduced. Distant healing techniques are taught and the origins of the 2nd Stage Reiki symbols are explored. An introduction to nadi or marma points is given along with methods of healing using these points by tuning into point pulse. The deepening of energy awareness and specific breathing exercises to achieve this are given.

Course details:
Teacher: Steve Gooch
Price: 4,000 L.E
Early Bird Price: 3,500 L.E (till April 17th, 2018)

For reservation please contact Steve Gooch

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