Master Level Full Mouth Reconstruction & Clinical Occlusion.

Master Level Full Mouth Reconstruction & Clinical Occlusion.

19 Jul 09:00 - 21 Jul 16:00 - Giza
Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino

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Pro Dental Academy have always been keen to bring you everything recent and valuable, and after evaluating the defects that dentists have and tracing the general needs of dentists to place their skills to a higher rank, we have decided to come up to you with this event:

Exclusively and for the first time in Egypt, a dental course of a highly demanded topics that aims to advance dentists’ practice level and focuses on occlusion principles in daily dental practice.

Course Description:

The Course will be held for 3 days (19-20-21/07)
- include materials, coffee break, lunch break and Certificate
- The first and second days will be sessions
- The third day will be A lecture plus Clinical Day &Participation Workshop

- Day one (Thursday 19/07) (start from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

-Advanced dental photography for treatment planning “Live Show on patient on how to shoot the right photos”
-Simple DSD for treatment planning. " live demo"
What we really need from DSD ?
-Parameters to put in mind before starting full mouth reconstruction cases
-Analysis of questions that we must ask to make proper diagnosis

-Diagnosis and analysis and treatment of occlusal disorders ( teeth surface loss, Bruxism, Parafunctional habits, loss of vertical dimension of occlusion..etc. ).
-Occlusion perspective in everyday dentistry and concept of whole dentistry.
-how to precisely examine TMJ without MRI - Rocabado map of pain-
-TMJ problems and how to treat them
-How and when to do muscle deprogramming to achieve perfect occlusion ( types of jigs and splints and how to use them).
-Role of cervical spine in occlusal problems
-how treat cervical vertebrae in dental office and why should we do this before bite registration
-The real Centric relation registration Tips and Tricks .

- Day Two (Friday 20/07) (start from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

-Facebow (how to use it to record the accurate relation, better alternatives, how to transfer this relation accurately to a semi-adjustable articulator).
-How and when to implement dental physiotherapy for treatment of complex cases?

-Teeth preparation in full mouth reconstruction (crowns, Veneers, Bilaminar veneers) along with bite registration.
-Vertical preparation -shoulderless- Vs. Horizontal preparation
-Restoration of badly destructed teeth
-Metal posts Vs. Fibre posts,
what we really need from a post and which have better prognosis?

-Day Three (Saturday 21/07) (start from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

-Mockup fabrication and temporization for crowns and veneers
-Prosthetic navigation for implant positioning and crown lengthening.
-How to make perfect Cementation ( rubber dam tips and tricks ).

Clinical Part :
Live Demo Hands on patient showing :
1-How to adjust Kois deprogrammer
2-how to take accurate Bite registration
3-How to take Facebow relation
4-How to use DFA (Dentofacial Analyzer) ,The Right Alternative for Facebow
5-How to examine the TMJ and explain Rocabado Map of Pain
6-how to treat the joint with Dental physiotheraby
7-How to check C1 & C2 cervical vertebrae

Participation workshop
Three complex cases chosen from cases submitted by Participants (Criteria for submission to be announced)

To be discussed in an interactive manner, solved and set a proper full detailed treatment plan for each of them.

-Instructor Biography
Dr. Łukasz Lassmann is the co-founder of the Dental Sense clinic and head of the medical team. He is a member of the Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.
Dr Lassmann devotes most of his time to perfecting modern methods of treatment in his specialty (Prosthetics & Complete mouth reconstruction ) and places particular stress on occlusion, digital technologies (Simple Digital Smile Design method )and minimally invasive treatment technique,hence majority of his work is performed under a microscope.

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