28 Day Kemetic Yoga™ Training - Ancient Egyptian Yoga

28 Day Kemetic Yoga™ Training - Ancient Egyptian Yoga

25 Oct 07:00 - 31 Oct 21:00 - Luxor
Luxor, Egypt

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Our 3rd African Shamanic Kemetic Yoga™ Teacher (Ancient Egyptian) training will be held from the 25 October - 21 November 2018.

This year we shall spend 18 days on land in Luxor with the remaining 10 days cruising down the Nile River to Aswan.

Transform and heal yourself with this unique and integrated yoga training course. Learn healing tools that inspire and change how you see your world. Finally take back your Power and un-earth your authentic self.

We beginning our journey with the blessings and invocation of Sekhmet , the fierce Lioness Neteru who represents Life Force (Prana/Chi/Energy). Visiting her shrine at Karnak, by the Temple of Min (Ipt Resut) we begin the journey calling in the strength, power and magic to fill our journey.

If you are called to begin your deep transformation through healing your past, present and future and embodying structure, clarity and healing tools for a life of direction that is alignment with your inner truth then do join us on this unique AfriCan Shamanic Kemetic Yoga™ teacher training.

Yoga, mediation, dance, music and celebration as well as deep kemetic mediations, shamanic drum journeys will fill our nights. Our food will be carefully prepared to support our yoga journey. Raw, organic and delicious. We are surrounded by fields and the River Nile flows right in front our lodging.

As well as performing yoga, emotional release, journaling and meditations we will perform shamanic journey's, connecting with our spirit guides and the Neteru (Neteru = Nature) or nature spirits are archetypal guides and principles from the Kemetic (Egyptian pantheon), going into a very potent alchemical journey of the self. Merging body, mind and Spirit in the name of Ma'at. With powerful transmissions steaming from the most majestic and ancient temples in the world. Connect with the Neteru of the Paut Neter - Kemetic Tree of Life.

We enter the Ancient Gates of the sacred Temples of Karnak, (Temple of Min - Ipt Resut), Abydos, Dandera, ending our 28 day journey through Luxor Temple.

This 200 hour teacher training course focuses on Kemetic Sciences, Kemetic Yoga™, Hatha, Tantric, Ayurvedic and Shamanic teachings. Integrating Body (yoga), Mind and Spirit for Wholeness.
Training Consists of:

• The history and philosophy of yoga
• Kemetic Breath Control & Pranayama techniques
• Kemetic Spiritual Anatomy
• Energy and Auric Field Anatomy i.e. Chakras
• Authentic Ancient Kemetic yoga posures, sequences & gemometic progression
• Pregnancy, Kids & Teen Yoga
• Stress Management
• Adjustments
• The Business of Yoga
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Maintaining a Healthy lifestyle

Transforming our Sub-conscious mind of our values, beliefs, attributes, conditioning, memories and negative habits that sabotage us from living the life we desire.
• Prime Directives of the sub-consious mind
• Negative Emotional /Belief Therapy™
• Inner Conflict Therapy™
• Goal Achieving System™

This is an introduction into the world of shamanic practises and a journey into self discovery and in search for a connection and union to the Spirit World. Tools shared come out of the world wide ancient shamanic arts i.e. Ancient Africa, Europe, Native American, Hawaiian and Aboriginal cosmologies. Learning these practices and tools that will empower you to be in direct relationship with your Spirit Guides.
• What is shamanism?
• Developing direct relationship with our Guides.
• What are Guides & Power Animals?
• How to create sacred space.
• Creating Altars
• Shamanic journeys to the Lower, Middle and Upper worlds
Awaken into the sacred dream the universe is dreaming for you and to pay attention to the true calling of you Authentic self.

At the end of this 28 day training you will have a a well balanced and integrated awaeness of your Whole being (body,mind and spirit). To fully embody your authentic self. With the relavant tools to step into your life as an empowered mature spiritual being , to live a life of Love, Freedom and Joy.


06:00 Wake Up
07:00 Yoga Practice
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Lecture
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Self Practice and Study
15:00 Lecture
18:00 Free Time
20:00 Mediation/Shamanic Drum Journey
21:30 Free Time
*On our rest day once a week we visit scared temples.

• Daily yoga classes
• Daily lectures and healing work
• Daily mediation and shamanic drum journeys
• Introduction to Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) philosophy & cosmology
• Introduction to African Shamanism
• Cruise down the Nile River to Aswan
• Experienced initiated Shaman, Energy Healer, Transformational Life Coach and Yoga instructor
• Visits to Sacred Temples in Luxor, Abydos, Dendera, Aswan and Abu Simbel

• Yoga Certification, be eligible to register as a RYT® with the Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga International
• Full board shared accommodation.
• Meals are Hi raw vegetarian Egyptian style
• Teacher training manual.
• Access to free eBooks library
• Entrance Fees, local ground transport to the Sacred Temples
• Luxor International Airport pick up and drop

Not Included
• International and local air flights
• Tips to Temple guides, lodging and cruise staff
• Other activities including, Horse riding in the Desert (€15), Ballon Ride (€35), Valley of the Kings or Queens (€30). These activities can be arranged for you a day before or after your training.

25 October - 21 November 2018
- 18 Days training in Luxor
- 10 Days Nile Cruise to Aswan
Note: Participants are to arrive after 2pm on 24th October and depart by mid-day on 21 November 2018.

LUXOR: Our Villa is located on the West Bank of Luxor with views of the Nile River. Rooms have showers, air conditioner and pool. Some rooms have a balcony. During our cruise down the Nile River, all rooms have twin beds and shower in the cabins. Participants will share two persons per room. All meals are vegatarian Egyptian style.

Register by 30 August.
A pre-study pack will be provided for you to begin your journey. You will be required to have completed the pre-study prior to the training.
Contact Ursula at kemeticyoga@gmail.com

Total investment: €3900
Take advantage of our payment plan.
• Option 1: Register and make full payment €3900 to receive an early bird discount of € 200 AND receive Ursula’s AfriCan Kemetic Yoga DVD by 1 April 2018.
• Option 2: €1300 deposit followed by two equal installments of €1300 by 30 August 2018.

Please note: when paying with PayPal add €10 for additional bank charges. If paying by bank transfer contact Ursula for banking details.

A commitment to the African Shamanic Kemetic Yoga™ Teacher requires a deep commitment to yourself. Taking this step takes courage and a wiliness to step out of your own way.

An admin of €200 fee will be withheld and is non-refundable for up to 30 days before the training starts.
After 30 days, prior to the training begins a total deposit of €450 is non-refundable.

Check out www.kemeticyogatraining.com

Organizer: Jasmeen Hana
jasmeen.farasha53@gmail.com for any more information or directly with Ursula.

Safety Concerns: Our experienced organiser, Jasmeen Hana has conducted retreats and healing workshops in Egypt. She is available to assist with any questions or enquiries you may have for this training.

In addition, the Egyptian Government fully supports and tourists visiting the land and offer security when needed.

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