11:11:11 Awakening Codes on the Nile

11:11:11 Awakening Codes on the Nile

09 Nov 10:00 - 15 Nov 13:00 - Luxor
The Nile River

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Imagine whiling the day away on the Nile... yes the Nile, there is only one Nile and you can be just like the Ancients and visiting the sacred temples along the way.

If you ever wanted to give yourself something really super special, something magical, something that you will never forget, this has to be just what you are looking for.

Egypt is a magic place and it enables us to tap into that magic within ourselves. We remember the magic within, we feel the magic within and in some strange way, after we have been on one of these programs so many people continue to carry that magic within always and utilising it to create more magic in their lives.

Would you like to experience finding the magic within yourself?

On this program, we work the magic! Seriously! You will go deep into you tapping into that magic through meditation, healing and sacred sound... not too much, not too little, just enough to add some extra magic!

Ascended Master Serapis Bey Univerisity of Spirit
This particular trip coincides with the 14 day cycle with Ascended Master Serapis Bey and the Universities of Spirit. Throughout each year there are certain dates that the ascended masters are sharing their energies and teachings. Each cycle is a 14 day cycle. From the 7th November til 21 November 2018 this is one such cycle to be in the embrace and teachings of Ascended Master Serapis Bey.

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LUXOR Light is a Cosmic Divine energy, a spiritual power that brings empowerment to the receiver. To receive the gift of LUXOR Light is to receive this Cosmic Divine Spiritual Power that acts as an agent for great change and for new life creation. The alchemical changes that come to the receiver enable shifts in consciousness that amplify the healing energies and enable awakening and continual upgrading of the energy field.

LUXOR Light bring balance to the masculine and feminine principal within each chakra. In receiving LUXOR Light you receive the greater consciousness of the Divine Masculine and the greater Cosmic Divine energy or spiritual power of the Divine Feminine principle. A balanced and dynamic energy system that brings the individual to Unity Consciousness and in due course to Liberation if they continue with diligent spiritual practice. It is a tool, or a key to higher consciousness, a pathway, a direction and connects you to the Power of Your I Am Presence.

It is Powerful, it is Empowering, it is Divine……………

Accommodation on board the luxury twin sail Dahabieh includes all meals and drinks and tickets to temples and transfers to and from the boat from your hotel or apartment.
Twin rooms with Air-conditioned cabins, all with Ensuites.


This trip will go ahead with no less than 3 people

Ticket are available here www.luxorlightspiritualtravel.com/meditation-retreat-the-nile

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